Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.”


Redbrick Africa

We are the fresh new face of Market Research. We specialize in the provision of timely, accurate, cost-effective, and practical insights and market intelligence to our clients. We draw from a team of experts from various fields with over 30 years of experience in marketing, brand management and social research, and business feasibility study disciplines. We are a young, professionally run outfit of creative, focused, and disciplined individuals, who are passionate about research.

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Our Work

We explore your world with you, providing you with insights on your customers, competitors, and environment that you need to make those critical decisions. We take you on a journey into the mind of your consumer (and those of your competitors too!), revealing to you their deepest longings, fears, motivations, attitudes, and loyalties. We find out what is important to the people who are important to you. Then, we present this information in a way that makes sense to you, so that you can easily and painlessly make the tough marketing decisions you must.

Our Work

Our Services

To help gather the insights and data you need to make the tough decisions you must, we have developed a number of products that are tailored to your unique business and set of challenges.

This is an electronic data collection service that harnesses the power of the internet and networking to gather intelligence. E-ntelligence is a vital tool for any company that wishes to harness emerging technological trends to enhance their decision making processes.

This is a qualitative research service that employs the use of tried and tested techniques such as Focus Group Discussions and face to face interviews as well as cutting edge, Internet based techniques to gather data from an ever expanding pool of tech savvy consumers.

This is a customized quantitative research service that is particularly valuable for companies that deal with large numbers of consumers, and who have mountains of quantitative data to collect and sift through. It provides insights on large volumes of data, and provides a means to identify trends in the data.


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