How Influential are social media Influencers?


Influencer Marketing is all the rage today. But just how influential are they? Our research shows that while influencers are a key component of any marketing strategy, they are not to be utilized in isolation. To this end, we presented our findings at the 5th Annual Top Marketers Club Conference in Nairobi on the 2nd of December 2022. Highlights from the study are:


  • The majority of people online in Kenya are male
  • The typical social media user in Kenya is aged 25 to 34, male, on Facebook and spends 5 hrs daily online
  • Facebook is by far the biggest platform in Kenya, there are 5 times more FB users than IG or Twitter
  • The typical working person in Kenya is aged 25 to 44, male and earns less than KES 50,000 p.m
  • Over 97% of Kenyans earn less than KES 100,000 p.m
  • People trust friends and personal recommendations more than influencers when making purchasing decisions


For more details on this, check out the deck here: 


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